Quilt Trail

quilt square at Cozens Ranch Museum

We are pleased to tell you about the “Grand Quilt Trail” by the Grand Quilters and the Grand County Historical Association (GCHA). Since 1970, The Quilters have provided quilts to local families and support organizations for those in need. The project is endorsed by the Town of Fraser’s Public Arts Committee.

A Quilt Trail is a collection of square wood panels of various sizes, colorfully painted with quilt designs. They are set up in a community or neighborhood so devotees can follow the ‘quilt trail.’

Quilt blocks are displayed on the exterior (sometimes inside too) of public and private buildings, barns, churches, museums, schools and homes.

The purpose of a Quilt Trail is to celebrate the heritage of quilt making and honor the pioneer women who began the long tradition of quilting.

quilt trailThe first Quilt Trail was initiated in Ohio in 2001 and there are now Quilt Trails in 43 US states and 3 Canadian provinces. In Colorado, many counties including Jefferson, Clear Creek, Summit, Boulder and more, enjoy active Quilt Trails.

Started in Spring 2017, the Grand Quilt Trail already has more than 160 quilt blocks installed on buildings throughout the county. If you’ve driven through any town in Grand County, you’ve probably seen them.

If you choose to participate in this exciting project, a member of the Grand Quilt Trail committee will meet with you to decide on a size (2 or 4 ft sq.) and help select a meaningful design from the hundreds that are available. After priming the blocks, volunteers paint and finish it. We deliver the finished Quilt Block to you.

Once your quilt block is prominently displayed, your business will be included in the full-color brochure of all the quilt blocks along the Grand Quilt Trail. The brochure is updated annually.

The brochure of the Grand Quilt Trail is also available here (click here) >>

Already the local press and media have reported on the Grand Quilt Trail with several stories and photographs. Thousands of vacationers, history buffs and shoppers follow Quilt Trails annually and participating businesses report increased visits to their location.

quilt trailThe cost to you is minimal while the reward for community involvement is maximum.

The one-time price of a 2 ft. square block is $165, and a 4 ft. square block is $325.

The Grand Quilt Trail is in need of additional funding for businesses with limited means, should you wish to make a greater tax deductible donation, thank you.

We hope you will consider being part of the Grand Quilt Trail and the efforts of the Grand Quilters and GCHA to honor our great heritage and women’s art traditions.

Please join the Grand Quilters and GCHA to support the Grand Quilt Trail, a community vision that broadcasts women’s heritage arts.

The Grand Quilt Trail and the Grand Quilters are featured in GCHAs new book, Go Grand: Seven Tours through Grand County History, a popular publication.

For more information, please contact Grand Quilt Trail Coordinator: Betsy deVries – betsy@iskialot.com or please call 970-531-3585.