About Grand County Historical Association

Grand County Historical Association (GCHA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 1974 following in the footsteps of the Grand County Pioneer Society. The mission of the Grand County Historical Association is to operate historical museums and encourage an appreciation for Grand County history through education, interpretation, and preservation. Relevant artifacts and archival documents are collected and maintained for preservation, exhibition, and research.

Using grants and private donations, GCHA acquired and restored the 1924 school house in Hot Sulphur Springs to become the Grand County Museum. With the 1974 decision of the Grand County Commissioners that the original Courthouse was to be removed to accommodate the sheriff’s office and jail, GCHA acquired that building and moved it to the new museum. The GCHA founders and original dedicated Board of Directors insisted that professional museum standards be adopted and always be adhered to into the future.

Over the years, the museum building complex has grown with the addition of a ranch house, a 1920’s one room school house, the original county jail, and a blacksmith shop, while thousands of photos and artifacts have been donated for protection by GCHA. In keeping with the theme of preserving original buildings the name Pioneer Village was added to the museum complex in Hot Sulphur Springs.

In 1988, working in collaboration with Regis University and the Town of Fraser, GCHA acquired the Cozens family ranch house. The Cozens Ranch and Stage Stop became GCHA’s second museum. With the invaluable assistance of many volunteers, the building was restored to interpret its historical use as the Cozens’ home, Grand County’s first stage stop, and Fraser’s first post office.

In 1992, direct descendants of Henry McElroy donated the 1903 McElroy Livery & Feed barn to GCHA to begin the Heritage Park museum complex in Kremmling. A Ranger station, home, fishing cabin, town jail, and train depot, and pole barn have been added to the museum complex.

Restoration is in different stages on all the structures. Cozens Ranch and Stage Stop, McElroy Livery & Feed barn, and Kremmling Train Depot are on the Colorado Register of Historic Sites.

GCHA Board of Directors

The GCHA Board of Directors is a volunteer board and with great gratitude we thank all of our past and present directors who have served the Grand County Historical Association. If you are interested in serving on the GCHA board, please contact the GCHA Director at 970-725-3939.  The current directors are listed below.


  • Travis Wright, President
  • Jim Yust, VP Museums
  • Larry Gross, VP Museums
  • Shawn Davis, Secretary
  • Erica Bean
  • Sarah Black Castle
  • Selena Handler
  • Michael Koch
  • Linda Koshio Rogers
  • Emilie McKittrick
  • Sara Rosene
  • Ida Sheriff
  • Barbara Williams
  • Chadwick Williams

GCHA Staff:

  • Shanna Ganne, Executive Director
  • Laura K. N. Jones, Curator & Archivist
  • Samantha Missey, Programs, Marketing, & Education Manager
  • Vanessa Benjamin-Rus, Membership Coordinator

To contact staff please visit our contact page.

GCHA Reports:

The latest GCHA Annual and Financial Reports are shared at the annual meeting and are available anytime upon request.

Contact Grand County Historical Association

P.O Box 165
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451