Legacy Park Preservation

Legacy Park Preservation (LPP) was founded in 2021 by a core group of Legacy Park Ranch neighbors who embrace the present and past of our neighborhood. We are dedicated to exploring and documenting the history of the place as well as preserving Legacy Park Ranch’s history and historic structures.


The Selak Family

The 1859 Albert Selak and his wife, Elizabeth, immigrated to the US from Bohemia in 1849. After establishing breweries in Blackhawk and Georgetown, Albert moved his family of 10 to Middle Park and homesteaded the Selak property.

The Town of Selak

As the main center of commerce on the Granby Mesa in the late 1800’s, the Town of Selak was one of the stops on the stagecoach line from Empire to Grand Lake. With a general store and post office, Selak served local ranchers, farmers, and miners.

The Selak General Store

Imagine arriving by stagecoach in the 1880’s to the wide expanse of Middle Park. One of the stops along the way? The Selak General Store, supplying you with groceries, medicine, dry goods, hardware and, yes, even cheese, crackers and beer.

The Lettuce Boom

Look across the mesa today and try to imagine of booming industry of … lettuce. Yet in the 1920’s, Granby Lettuce was considered some of the best in the country. The appeal was so great that the boom extended to the timber business – for the shipping crates – and to the railroad for delivery.


After a blight wiped out the lettuce in the late 30’s, ranching began to take over as Granby’s major industry. Within the Legacy Park Ranch neighborhood, there are several reminders of this ranching past – including a possible sheep shearing shed as well as our landmark windmill.

The Stagecoach

Look up at Berthoud Pass and now imagine it’s the 1880’s and you are traveling over this pass to Middle Park on your way to Grand Lake. The stagecoach stop in Selak was thought to be among many other stops that included Idewild, Cozen’s Ranch and Junction Ranch.

Visit Legacy Park Ranch

Tours are available upon appointment only. Please contact Samantha at samantha@grandcountyhistory.org or 970-725-6009