Research Library

GCHA has a large archive of historic photos, documents, and artifacts at the Pioneer Village location. Patrons are permitted to use library materials and the Reading Room computer on their own during business hours. Use of the Reading Room is free.

Research Requests

Research assistance with the Curator and Archivist is available by appointment only during normal operating hours, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Wednesdays through Sundays with 48-hour notice. Other accommodations may be available at the discretion of the Curator and Archivist, including limited American Sign Language interpretation. The cost of assisted research is $25 per half hour, regardless of the results of the research. There is a $25 deposit required to schedule an appointment. Upon completion of the research appointment, the $25 deposit will be used towards the total cost of the research appointment. If you fail to follow through with your research appoint your $25 deposit shall be forfeited to GCHA.

Research deposits can be paid in person at the museum or online at: Research Deposit

Appointments must be made and verified with staff ahead of time. Staff will absolutely not accept ‘walk-ins’ for assisted research. Staff reserve the right to deny any research request, or to terminate any previously agreed upon appointment or request. If such an agreement is terminated, staff will make every reasonable effort to provide the researcher with advance notice.

Some common research assistance services include:

  • Assisted historical research
  • Viewing collections or materials not on display or in the Reading Room
  • Acquiring copies of collections materials for personal use
  • Obtaining usage permission to reproduce materials for publication

To schedule an appointment please complete the research request form and email it to the Curator and Archivist at

Prepare for Your Visit

While in the Reading Room, patrons are required to follow all rules and guidelines. These regulations are in place to preserve our collections for future researchers. Failure to follow these rules, all posted signs, or staff instructions could result in termination of the research appointment or expulsion from the premises.

  1. Completion of an annual registration form and a photo ID is required to use the Reading Room, this form will be completed upon arrival to the museum.
  2. Coats and bags must be kept in the lobby. If you are uncomfortable leaving your belongings in the lobby, they can be placed in the staff office.
  3. Personal notetaking and recording devices are permitted, including electronic devices.
  4. Only PENCILS are permitted for analog notetaking.
  5. Physical and digital copying services are available for a fee. Personal camera or phone camera images of collections materials are $0.15 per image.
  6. Food and beverages, including water and gum, are NOT permitted. Medications and cough drops are allowed.
  7. GCHA retains copyright to all collection materials. Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden and may result in prosecution.
  8. Some records include confidential material. If you come across personally identifiable information during your visit, please alert a staff member and refrain from sharing it publicly.
  9. Researchers are expected to arrive promptly at the agreed upon time for appointments. If you are unable to attend an agreed upon appointment, please contact staff as soon as possible.
  10. Except in exceptional circumstances, researchers are not allowed unattended in collections storage or the Reading Room.
  11. Staff will instruct researchers on the proper handling of any materials. Researchers are not allowed to touch or handle any materials without explicit permission from staff.
  12. Please be respectful of other visitors and researchers by silencing electronic devices and taking calls on the porch.