A Visit with President Thomas Jefferson

July 22, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
Cozens Ranch Museum
77849 US Hwy 40
CO 80442
$5 suggested donation
Kristi Martens
Phil Lauricella as Thomas JeffersonJuly 22 Friday 7 pm
A Visit with President Thomas Jefferson: An 18th Century Radical
at Cozens Ranch Museum in Fraser
tel: 970-726-5488
$5 suggested donation
Phil Lauricella portrays the famous author of the Declaration of Independence and the Third President of the United States.  Compare the 18th and the 21st centuries. Learn about the writing of the Declaration, The University of Virginia, The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, Monticello, the Louisiana Purchase and much more. Mr. Lauricella presents the “living” Thomas Jefferson, a champion of the Enlightenment.
Thomas Jefferson was not only the Third President of the United States but author of the Declaration of Independence, the man who championed public education, separation of church and state and the notion, for the most part, that all men are created equal.  His personal library was the foundation of the Library of Congress and his words were the cornerstone of our fight for independence from Great Britain.
Now, 183 years after his death, our founding ideals are being sorely tested in many ways that Thomas Jefferson could not begin to imagine.  So it is only proper to delve into the man, his times and how they affect our present day lives.  His insights may be able to enlighten our opinions of his world, and of the founding Fathers, and how those values may or may not affect ours.  Be prepared! He may not be who you think he was!
Phil has previsouly presented history programs at Cozens Ranch Museum, including a 10th Mountain Division Talk and Living History Presentations. Join us again!