Reenactment Camp

July 12, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cozens Ranch Museum
77849 US Hwy 40
CO 80442
Kristi Martens

July 11 & 12, Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 3pm at Cozens Ranch Museum in Fraser, CO
Historic Tenth Mountain Division Reenactment Camp
Family friendly and FREE to the public.

 10th Mtn Camp Living HistoryCome visit with the men of the 10th Mountain Division as GCHA presents a living history encampment with members of the 10th Mountain Division Living History Group.  Members hail from the Midwest and Colorado.  The group of soldier-historians portray the famed U.S. Ski Troops – the 10th Mountain Division of World War II with historically accurate uniforms, stories and equipment.
       The group’s primary method of narrating the legacy of the WWII 10th Mountain trooper is through the medium of Living History, seeing the artifacts and talking to those who represent those of Colorado’s “Greatest Generation.”
       They present to the public, life in a camp site or on the front lines in WWII, with the living historians in period uniform or other clothing, living as close to the way things were done 75 years ago.  Each trooper is versed in a mountain specialty that would have been found at Ft. Lewis, Camp Hale, Camp Swift or in Italy.  They study their area specialty and have become proficient in their own field, and in many cases, experts that can be called upon to assist others in research topics.   
      10th Mtn Camp Living History A Living History exhibit is like a museum without glass cases.  A soldier-historian can share the contents of his pack; teach the basics of cleaning the M-1 Garand rifle, operate a field telephone, or describe and demonstrate the operation of an Medical Aid Station.  See the authentic equipment, hear the stories, and learn about the “Boys of Winter” who helped defeat the Nazis in WWII.  
       Accompanying the soldiers is a female WAC personnel who supported the 10th Mountain Division. These troops influenced not only the ski industry, but became the first green movement in the United States. The 10th Mountain is still active and is based at Fort Drum, New York. 
        The free, outdoor interactive displays include mountain infantry, ski equipment, climbing gear and a horse mounted display (sans horse) from this epic period of our history.