The Powell Expeditions with Ray Sumner

October 6, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm
Pioneer Village Museum
110 E Byers Ave
Hot Sulphur Springs
CO 80451
Tim Nicklas
Powell presentationMajor John Wesley Powell Turns 150:
The Powell Expeditions to Colorado (1867 – 1869)
Presented by Ray Sumner
In 1867, Major John Wesley Powell headed west from Bloomington, Illinois with a group amateur naturalists and college students to explore the Rocky Mountains.  This trip and his second the next year set Powell on a lifelong course of exploring and mapping the American West.  It ultimately forever changed the nature of government sponsored science through Powell’s leadership as the second director of the United States Geological Service.  His later fame and contributions though were clearly enabled and rooted in the time and people he met and partnered with here in Colorado.  Without people such as William Byers, Jack Sumner, Oramel Howland, and Billy Hawkins, Major Powell would have never set sail yet alone survived his famous journey through the Grand Canyon.